THE WORLD’S LARGEST CAT, Verismo Leonetti Reserve Red, and the world’s smallest cat, Mr. Peebles, were scheduled to be photographed together in a publicity event on Wednesday. Both

hold Guiness Book World Records for Longest and Smallest cat, respectively. While it is normal for some cats to reject eachother upon meeting, an unexpected turn of events led to Mr. Peebles’s untimely demise.

It is unknown whether Verismo Leonetti “Leo” Reserve Red, a 4-foot-long Maine Coon, ate breakfast on Wednesday morning. When he was introduced to the 2-lb Mr. Peebles, they immediately took to one another. One witness says, “Leo just started licking Mr. Peebles like a mother to a kitten.”

Once the two were taken to the room with all of the cameras, things began to get a little strange. Leo, who has been rumored to have performed in a cat food commercial on one or two occasions, immediately climbed upon a table and prepared by primping for the photo shoot. Mr.

Peebles crawled into a glass bowl to help emphasize his small stature. A photographer thought that this would have been a cute scene, so he asked

someone on the set to move Mr. Peebles’s bowl to the table where Leo was bathing.

“From there, it was a bloodbath,” said photographer Peter Ellis. “That big cat must have thought that the bowl was carrying his lunch.” Before anyone could intervene, the massive Maine Coon cat swallowed the tiny Mr. Peebles and licked his chops as though he had just had a tasty meal.

At this time, it is not known whether anyone will be pressing charges.