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Top 16 Signs of an Overweight Cat

November 13, 2008

Ok here is the top 16 signs of an overweight cat… Asuming your a cat that is:

16. Your cat door is retro-fitted with a garage door opener.

15. Confused guests constantly mistake you for a beanbag chair.

14. You always land on your spleen.

13. There have been fewer calls to the fire department, but there has also been a sudden upsurge in broken tree branches.

12. You have had a seventeen month pregnancy and there are still no kittens.

11. You no longer clean yourself unless you are coated in tuna juice.

10. Rosie O’Donnell fits through your kitty door without the aid of lubricants.

9. Your Cat Food dish has been replaced with a trough labeled “Lard.”

8. Your shiny coat of fur is now a fiery red polyester pants suit.

7. It’s no longer safe to lift your tail without a spotter.

6. You “stole breath” from all seven of the McCaughey septuplets — at once.

5. Larry King keeps trying to kiss you full on the lips.

4. You wait until the third bowl of food to start getting finicky.

3. You only catch mice that get trapped in your gravitational pull.

2. Your enormous gut keeps your hardwood floors freshly buffed.

and the Number 1 Sign of feline obesity…

You have more chins than lives.



November 13, 2008

Meat Goliath the 20 pound cat caught stealing food from someones garage. I imagine the cat would have gotten bigger if it didn’t get stuck through the door.

Funny Fat Cat

August 2, 2008

Watch this fat cat try some exercise

How to make a harness for your fat cat

August 1, 2008

How to make a harness for your fat cat

Original guide from: wikiHow

Want to bring your “indoor cat” outdoors? Use a harness and a leash. Cat too fat for the harness from the store? Use a belt!

  1. Get an old skinny belt, about 1/2 inch wide.
  2. Cut about 2 inches off the end (the part that hangs after you tie it on yourself).
  3. Make a loop with the little end you cut off, and sew that together. This is your “baby loop”.
  4. String the rest of the belt through the baby loop to make your 8 shape.
  5. Bring the cat’s head through the first loop of the 8, then cross the strap over their back (through your baby loop), and loop it around their girth (behind the front legs) with the bottom part of your 8.
  6. Tie the belt with a buckle to the size you need. Make it tight enough to hold the cat (so it can’t wrestle free) but loose enough to allow for it not to choke.
  7. Clip a leash to the baby loop.


  • Don’t use a belt thicker than 1/2 or 3/4 inch.